One month later and already hitting its second sale.
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Battlefield 2042 currently has a free play weekend underway on Steam. The free weekend is available through Steam right this very second (so long as you read this before the end date) and can be downloaded and played until your little heart is content.

The free weekend is available (presumably) until December 20 at 1PM (ET). But wait, there's more.

Battlefield 2042 is also on sale from now through December 22. This is actually the second major sale that I've seen held for this game, with the first being like a week or two ago.

The basic edition is 34% off making it just $39.59 (USD). The Gold Edition is 23% off or $69.29. The Ultimate Edition is 19% off, making it $89.09. So, you know, you can get a pretty big discount going if you want to keep playing.

Alternatively, the same sale prices are available through the Epic Games Store right now as part of their Holiday Sale event. Meaning, you can try through Steam and then buy through EGS and save an extra $10 with their free coupon thing. You could end up buying Battlefield 2042 for just $29.59.

Yep, paying just $30 for the latest mainline Battlefield game less than a month after its official release date. That should probably tell you all you really need to know about the game. If it doesn't, you can still go read my review of Battlefield 2042 to fill you in on the rest.