DICE and EA continue to do some nice stuff once in a while for their fans. The latest is the release of the Rupture map for free to everyone that owns Battlefield 1. This map was once a part of the They Shall Not Pass expansion.

But wait, there's more. Yes, there is more free content coming soon.

Over the next few months, DICE plans on releasing more free content to all Battlefield 1 players. This begins in May with the release of the Soissons map from They Shall Not Pass. June will see the release of a new mode called Shock Operations.

It's actually rather odd to see so many of these once paid maps getting released for free to everyone. Could this be a sign that the dreaded Premium Pass is going away with the next Battlefield release? Will they finally go the Titanfall route and just give all maps for free to everyone so as not to totally screw up the player split? I sure hope so.