Hey everyone, do you like playing video games? YEAH! Do you like playing them on a personal computer? YEAH! Then get ready for Battlefield Hardline that will feature such awesome PC specific features like:
  • Playing at different resolutions! WOW!
  • Enabling various levels of ansiotropic filtering! WOW!
  • Adjusting your field of view! WOW!
  • How's about using a mouse AND a keyboard to aim and move! OH MY GOD!
  • And more! YEAH!

But that's not all! If you get Hardline on the PC, you can be sure the experience will be super stable! Let's let the game's "Gameplay Systems Producer" Mike Glosecki give us the complete rundown!
What About the Power of PCs?How Stable Will the Game Be on PC?

Are we really at the point for PC games where things like good framerates, adjustable resolution, and being able to use a mouse and keyboard are features that should be touted? You're touting about being able to use a mouse and keyboard for a PC game? Are you for real? Those should be standard. Hell, they were standard for quite a few years a while back. Things like a multi-monitor setup? Yeah, that's some unique stuff there! Things like AF, AA, and using a keyboard and mouse? Those are expected to be in there.

(via Battlefield)