There was an update released for Battlefield 4 on the PC just a short time ago today.

Changelog for Battlefield 4 (PC) for February 13, 2014

-Fix for a crash that would occur when activating full screen in portrait mode
-Fix for stuttering that could appear during video sequences on multi-GPU PCs
-Fix for a memory system leak that could cause stalls, which would result in frames taking longer to process
-Reduced the amount of stalls that occurred when running with high graphics setting that require more GPU memory than is currently available
-Fixed screenshots on multi-GPU PCs

There were also two small server updates today, the R24 and the R25 updates. Those changes are noted below.
R24 Server Update
-Fix for a server crash
-Added a 1-500 value range on vars.vehicleSpawnDelay for Unranked Servers
-Fixed an issue where a Commander could highlight a High-Value Target (HVT) after 1 kill, instead of the intended 7 kills

R25 Server Update