Destiny 2's First Episode, Echoes, Launches June 11


  • Destiny 2's First Episode, Echoes, Launches June 11

    Bungie released two new trailers today.
    Action shot from Echoes, the first Episode for Destiny 2's Final Shape year.

    Bungie shared not one, but two new trailers today for what lay ahead for Destiny 2. First and foremost, players will get to dive into the first ever Destiny 2 Episode on Tuesday, June 11. These Episodes will replace Destiny 2's Seasons and each will play out across three Acts.

    Echoes is the first Episode and will find Guardians chasing after "mysterious objects of immense power" that they call Echoes, which were "strewn across the system in reaction to the climactic battle" against the Witness. The first stop is to Nessus where the "planet is evolving." Players will work alongside Failsafe, Saint-14, and Osiris and fight against an "expanding army of Vex and a mysterious new enemy."

    The three Acts per Episode will be about six weeks in length. Echoes Act 2 will launch on July 16, with Act 3 going live on August 27. Each Act will include new activities and missions, including the new three-player Breach Executable activity launching with Echoes Act 1.

    Speaking of rewards, Echoes will introduce a new set of weapons from the outset, alongside a pool of weapons that grows with the launch of each Act. We’d like to give you a sneak peek at some of these, as well as the new Armor.

    Some of you have already spotted some of the weapons that are available in Echoes, but there’s also going to be a selection of Season of Dawn weapons reprised with a new Origin Trait, new perks, and even a new damage type in the case of Breachlight now being Strand.

    To succeed in this collection of new activities, adopt a flexible approach and bolster your loadouts with new armaments designed to face the unrelenting mechanical threat. As a Vex Bruce Lee might have said, “Be radiolarian fluid, my friend.”

    The Seasonal Artifact will also grow and offer new possibilities as each Episode develops. While you get the new Artifact early in The Final Shape campaign, there’s plenty to unlock as you earn experience and complete challenges. With the launch of Act 2, the Artifact will have an additional row of perks added, with another one on the way with Act 3. As each brings five more powerful perks to the table, we believe the meta will shift in interesting ways over time.

    The Season Pass will also see an expanded path of pursuits as it powers up 50 ranks with each Act release. This means you’ll see the traditional 100 ranks as Act 1 launches, with 50 added per Act, for a total of 200 unlocks and rewards to chase before the conclusion of this story.​
    Bungie also more broadly talked about the next year ahead for Destiny 2, beyond Echoes. After Echoes will be the Revenant Episode, which "will feature a story centered on the Fallen with dark fantasy and horror themes." Following Revenant is the Heresy Episode, "which focuses on the Hive pantheon, bringing players back to a fan-favorite location from Destiny, the Dreadnaught."

    After the year of content for The Final Shape, Destiny 2 will continue. Bungie teased the next whatever for Destiny 2 that they're calling Codename: Frontiers. As that is still probably a good year away from release, there aren't any additional details to share on Frontiers just yet.

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