First Killing Floor 3 Developer Diary


  • First Killing Floor 3 Developer Diary

    Plus a free weekend and huge discount for Killing Floor 2.
    Artwork celebrating 15 years of Killing Floor.

    The Killing Floor franchise turns 15 years old this week and in celebration of the milestone Tripwire Interactive has some fresh goodies for fans.

    First up, Tripwire released the first developer diary for Killing Floor 3 this week. As is the case with most developer diaries, this will be the first in an ongoing series of developer diaries for the upcoming game.

    The first video takes players behind on a trip through the history of the co-op FPS. The video also touches a bit on how "the studio is returning to its horror roots with the upcoming sequel."

    The celebration continues with a free play weekend for Killing Floor 2. From May 16 - 20, you can play Killing Floor 2 for free on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can also pick up Killing Floor 2 at a deep discount during this same period on all storefronts, including the Epic Games Store. This sale takes 95% off of the normal cost of the base game, bringing the price down to just $1.49.
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