More layoffs to "enhance collective efficiency."
Logo for Ubisoft set against a background of a forest at night.

Ubisoft laid off another 124 employees this week. The studio says that these layoffs were done in order "to streamline our operations and enhance our collective efficiency."

The most layoffs hit Ubisoft's Canadian studios the hardest, with 98 people being let go from that region. This accounts for about 2% of Ubisoft's total workforce in Canada. Most of the layoffs came from business administrative services and IT teams from the Hybride VFX studio in Montreal and their global IT teams.

These are not decisions taken lightly and we are providing comprehensive support for our colleagues who will be leaving Ubisoft during this transition. We also want to share our utmost gratitude and respect for their many contributions to the company. This restructuring does not affect our production teams.
This isn't the first time this year that Ubisoft has laid off employees. The company closed Ubisoft London in September. Their customer service division was hit with layoffs in May. The studio has also cancelled multiple projects this year and has delayed Skull and Bones for roughly the 100th time just this past month. This week's layoffs come just weeks after Ubisoft reported a near 37% increase in net bookings compared to the previous year.