The game will no longer receive any further updates.
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If you have been waiting to pick up Far Cry 6 until it was in its best possible state, your time has come. Ubisoft just announced that they will no longer release any further updates for the open-world FPS.

This information comes directly from the Far Cry Twitter account. Those who still wish to play the game in co-op can do so without any issue. The online services are still online. It's just that there will be no more updates released that fix bugs or add in any additional content.

Far Cry 6 launched over two years ago now. The last major update for the game came in November 2022. It is assumed that Ubisoft has been working on Far Cry 7 in some capacity over these past couple of years. Of course, Far Cry 7 hasn't officially been announced yet but it's probably an easy given that it will be coming eventually.