Xbox Patch Coming Soon for Lords of the Fallen


  • Xbox Patch Coming Soon for Lords of the Fallen

    The Xbox version is lacking compared to PS5 and PC.
    A person with two fire axes attacking a wolf-like creature and other large enemies in a snowy area.

    The Xbox release of Lords of the Fallen is supposedly just not up to snuff when compared to the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of the game. Developer CI Games says that they are already working on a patch for the Xbox Series X|S release to bring that version of the game up to the same quality of the other platforms.

    The game has been in the hands of reviewers and content creators for at least a week now. From what is being said by these players, the Xbox Series version of the game suffers from some severe framerate drops and issues where textures just refuse to load in properly. While PlayStation and PC may also sometimes exhibit these same issues, they seem to be far more frequent on the Xbox platform.

    CI Games promises to bring the Xbox version "to parity with other platforms" and that the update they are working on will be out in the coming days.

    Lords of the Fallen is out on Friday, October 13th on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.
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