Carl! We're in a different kind of zombie apocalypse, Carl!
Art showing The Walking Dead items and comic covers you can earn in Dying Light 2.

Starting today, July 26th, players of Dying Light 2 Stay Human will get to participate in a week-long series of challenges based off of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Event will reward players that complete these themed challenges with different rewards up through Wednesday, August 2 at 10AM (ET).

There will be a new Personal Goal put up each day. These goals may be something like killing enemies using ranged weapons or lobbing off limbs. Rewards include unique Comic Covers created by Polish artists Marek Oleksicki and Łukasz Owdziej. These artworks are only available one per day and is tied to a Personal Goal. Those that collect all of these Cosmic Covers will get to claim The Walking Dead memento weapon charm as a prize.

Of course, there is more to this collab than just cool art and a weapon charm. Those that complete a Weekly Goal of killing 850 enemies in total will get the blueprint to Lucille, the barbed wire bat used by Negan. If players can collectively take out 160 million enemies throughout the week, the Global Goal will unlock Rick's Hat as a reward.

Naturally, there is a bundle that includes more items for $6.99 (USD). The Walking Dead Bundle includes Rick's Outfit, a paraglider, Lucille, Michonne's Katana, and Negan's Knife. All of the weapons are available with their blueprints.

This collab comes about a month after Techland released an update for Dying Light 2 that improved physics and made the night's more frightening.