It's apparently been replaced by a unicode character.
Elon Musk photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell

The good news here is that Twitter is finally dead! The bad news is that it's only because Elon Musk is rebranding Twitter to X. Or to be more specific, it's 𝕏. That is to say, it's simply the unicode character U+1D54F. Yes, Musk and cohorts continue to take what already existed instead of creating something new themselves.

The change comes because Musk is apparently the biggest fan of the letter "X", that being the original "name" he gave to PayPal before people with much better business sense than Musk pushed him to ditch that and go with PayPal instead. Then of course there is SpaceX, another company that has somehow succeeded despite Elon Musk's involvement. Finally, it stands to reason he adores the letter given how many ex-wives and ex-children he's accumulated throughout his life.

The push to change Twitter to X came over the weekend when Musk called upon his unwashed masses to provide him with a new X-themed logo. After a brief search and the laziest effort imaginable, the logo was found and began to roll out on Monday July 24, 2023.

The new logo is literally just a white unicode character atop a black background. The app icon that is probably rolling out to your phone, assuming you still have Twitter installed, is perhaps just the absolute tip of the lazy iceberg.

There is naturally a bit of a snag here in Musk's big-brain plan as it appears that Meta and Microsoft already own trademarks on services branded as "X." Meta specifically has a trademark on an X logo that shows two arrows with rounded ends pointing inwards, one white and one blue. Furthermore, Meta's trademark on their X is in relation to "online social networking services" and "social networking services in the fields of entertainment, gaming, and application development."

Microsoft's own trademark for "X" dates back to 2002. Microsoft's "X" focuses on online communications for video games and computer games. It also includes mentions of providing online message boards for users, global communications between users in entertainment services, and a few other uses involving online downloadable games.

Musk's idea to ditch the globally recognized bird branding also resulted in police intervention today. First, Musk failed to get permission from the property owner where Twitter HQ is located. In an effort to pull the old Twitter name from the sides of the building, Musk forgot that the world doesn't revolve around him and that proper permits for a large job like this are a requirement. Musk also failed to get a permit for a crane used to help remove the Twitter name from the corner of the building. The crane and the workers were ordered to vacate the premises before the job was finished. One side of the building simply shows "er" while the other side still includes the full "Twitter" name until proper permits can be obtained.

As far as this site is concerned, news articles will continue to use the names "Twitter" and will also continue to reference "tweets" when necessary. TGN will also not change the social media link or image on this site from Twitter to X and its terrible branding. It will remain as is. Why? Because in my opinion X is a fucking stupid name and, in my opinion, Elon Musk is a dipshit.