A new limited-time mode finds you avoiding the heat, plus get Ash's heirloom.
Text: 24 limited-time cosmetics. Image shows a female character jumping through the air and wearing some modest swimwear.

A seasonal update for Apex Legends rolls out on March 28th that promises to bring the heat to everyone under the sun. Literally.

The "Sun Squad Collection Event" for the Respawn Entertainment developed battle royale offers players a chance to unlock some special swimsuit clothing options, Ash's "Strongest Link" heirloom, other event items, and some general fixes and balancing adjustments via a title update.

The swimsuit cosmetics have been a long-awaited and highly anticipated addition to Apex Legends. These new swimsuits don't exactly show off a ton of skin, which has left some thirsty players feeling a little disappointed. Where's Gibraltar with the Borat style mankini, huh Respawn? WHERE IS IT? BAH!

The new limited-time mode coming with the event is called Heatwave. In Heatwave, teams of three go up against other teams of three in a mode that is a bit of a spin on the traditional battle royale mode. Periodically during the match, the titular "heatwaves" will occur that damage players over time. Players can avoid taking heat damage by taking cover indoors or under objects. If you are out in the open when a heatwave hits, you can slide to cool yourself. You can also utilize Heatshields for protection, same as if you were caught outside the circle during a normal game.

There is one final way to combat the heat when out in the open. Care Packages will often include a pair of sunglasses that you can wear, which will help you beat the heat.

This update and Sun Squad Collection Event looks like they'll be out on March 28.

Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event changelog

  • EVA-8 enters the replicator
  • 30-30 Repeater enters the replicator
  • Longbow DMR returns to the floor
  • Volt SMG returns to the floor


Ash - Arc Snare
  • Cooldown decreased from 25s to 20s
  • Travel speed increased from 700 to 1200
  • Tether activation delay and snare grow time decreased by about 50% (The Arc Snare will more reliably hit intended targets)

  • Hide in-world item UI’s when aiming down the sight
  • Hide in-world crafting UI’s in the center of the screen when aiming down the sight

  • [Perks] Extended Supply Bins will more reliably give survival items in some cases when they are needed.
  • [Perks] Weapon Supply Bins will more reliably give attachments to teammates in specific edge cases.
  • [Perks] Both Weapon and Extended Supply Bins no longer spawn in close proximity to Bins of the same type.
  • Fixed a bug where re-rolling Daily Challenges would not produce the intended result of providing a non-mode dependent challenge.
  • Fixed issue with players experiencing a loud start-up noise when starting a Team Deathmatch game with reactive weapon skin equipped.
  • [Seer] Fixed bug where Seer could always see enemies with his passive since the UI updates to the minimap.
  • [Octane] Fixed the bug where players could not cycle their weapons when using the Stim tactical while on a zipline.
  • [Pathfinder ] fix for cases when landing onto a Jump Pad after using any length grappling hook will cause it to go extended cooldown.
  • Fix for cases where players could not reload their gun when standing close to Wattson’s Pylon and aiming at it.
  • [Xbox Series X Only] Fixed a bug with chat messages where the first message would not be received by the other party member who is on Xbox.
  • Reduced the smoke VFX for Peacekeeper’s “Frostbite” reactive skin for better visibility in low-light areas.
  • [DX12] Fixed bug where the player’s crosshairs would be disabled when Anti-Aliasing is set to 'None' and Aspect Ratio is not native.
  • [DX12] Game no longer letterboxes when the aspect ratio is greater than 16:0 (in DX12, windowed)
  • Fix for cases where the minimap would show a completely different location for Crypto when using the drone.