The new mouse boasts a total weight of just 53g.
Different ultra-light PC mice on display in various colors.

If you're into having an ultra-light mouse for your gaming rig, you may be interested in checking out the upcoming StormBreaker mouse from Pwnage. Clocking in at a total weight of just 53g, this mouse uses a body made out magnesium to achieve that lighter weight. They also cut a bunch of holes in where having a solid piece of material really isn't necessary, like a lot of these ultra-light mice are doing these days to help keep the weight down.

Today's press release on the StormBreaker informs me that pre-sale of the StormBreaker is open right now, with a starting price of $169 (USD). This price is the base cost for the Black and White colors. It can go up to $179 for the starting price if you choose to start with one of their Limited Edition colors such as Blue, Mint, Red, Olive, and Gray.

Black rubberized grips seem to be included as standard, but you can make them into this kind of gold flaked patterned grip for another $9.99. The standard feet are white PTFE low-friction feet that are pretty common on most mice. Alternatively, you can swap those out for glass feet that come in either red or black for another $19.99. I don't know how well glass feet are for mice, but you may find that $20 is a small price to pay for that upgrade. Also included for the price is the USB receiver and pyramid base for the wireless connectivity, and a USB-C to USB-A cable. Pwnage offers you a one-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee as well.

The StormBreaker also allows you to slide the sensor either more forward or more back of center. This apparently lets you tailor the sensor position based on your personal preference and can be changed up even based on what game genre you play more often. I don't know how important a feature like this is as I've only ever used mice that plunked the sensor down in the middle without the ability to change it.

Built with Pwnage’s patented adjustable sensor technology that offers proven increased accuracy, aim control, and performance in games requiring fast, precise mouse movements. Personalized optimal sensor position offering the lowest margin of tracking error, giving up to 14% increase of speed & accuracy, and reduces path deviation while aiming up to 23%.
Anyway, the StormBreaker is said to offer up a battery life of 120 hours with a full 0-100% recharge clocking in at under 2 hours. The switches are Omron, which are fairly standard, and rated for 20 million clicks. Pwnage says that they "handpick" and test the switches before assembly. The sensor is the PAW 3395 optical sensor that features a maximum DPI of 26,000. The wireless component utilizes the Nordic nrf52840 MCU chip for connectivity and offers a 2,000Hz polling rate.