This one is for March.
A bunch of Mario characters in go-karts in a promo shot for the upcoming Mario Bros. movie.

Nintendo announced that they will hold a special Nintendo Direct specifically focusing on The Super Mario Bros. movie. This special Direct will take place on March 9 at 2PM (PT). You'll be able to watch this trailer on Nintendo's YouTube channel.

The announcement comes from Nintendo of America and says that the Direct will reveal the film's final trailer. Beyond simply showing the new trailer, there's just no saying whether or not this Direct will reveal literally anything else. If this is just for the new movie and is just for the new trailer, this is an unnecessarily long countdown for the sake of a movie trailer.

One thing Nintendo did confirm is that there will be absolutely no video game news revealed at this event. If you have no interest in the Mario movie, it's probably safe to skip this Direct then.

The Super Mario Bros. will be in theaters on March 30.