The apology comes from a former creative director at Virtuos.
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Marvel's Avengers was not a great game. It was not quite what most would call "good" either. With active development of the game ending fully this year, it seems like it's time for some former employees to come forth and offer their thoughts on just how it all went wrong.

One such person to come forward with a comment is Virtosu Cezar, a former creative director at Virtuos. Virtuos was one of the support studios that worked alongside Crystal Dynamics on the development of Marvel's Avengers. Cezar apologizes for how the game came out and said that it was a "very challenging production."

In speaking with Edge Magazine (via GamesRadar), Cezar offered the apology to fans that were left disappointed.

"It was a challenging production, let's say," creative director Cezar Virtosu told Edge Magazine in its latest issue. (...)

Edge sat down with Virtuso and The Lords of the Fallen's executive producer Saul Gascon to discuss their latest project, and on the subject of Virtosu's colorful resumé, from Shadow of the Tomb Raider to Marvel's Avengers, he didn't have much to say for the latter aside from "I apologize for that."
Cezar left Viirtuos to go work on The Lords of the Fallen, a project that he and Saul Gascon consider to be a "dream project." The Lords of the Fallen is currently expected to be released before the end of 2023.