One of the ones not including "Final Fantasy" in the title.
Three fantasy characters, each with wings and different weapons and armors. The words PlayStation and The Legend of Dragoon appear.

A legendary RPG from the PlayStation 1 days is finally getting a new lease on life some 23 years after its initial release. Sony is getting ready to add a bunch of titles to their PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. When this update drops on February 21, a number of Classics from the PlayStation 1-era will also be added for those subscribed at the Premium tier of PlayStation Plus.

Of those classics being added is none other than The Legend of Dragoon. Other titles being added on the same date include Wild Arms 2 (PS1), Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS1), and Destroy All Humans! (PS4). None of those matter as this is purely about The Legend of Dragoon.

Originally released in Japan in 1999, The Legend of Dragoon was developed by Japan Studio and published by Sony. Sadly, the game never quite reached the massive number of fans that the Final Fantasy titles did, it still pulled in some decent sales numbers. By 2007, it was stated that The Legend of Dragoon sold 960,000 copies just in the United States. Japan sales surpassed 355,000 units.

This PlayStation Plus release will include some enhancements such as upscaling, a rewind feature, quick save, and even custom video filters.

As it currently stands, there is absolutely no word on whether or not The Legend of Dragoon will be able to be purchased separately for either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Today's announcement was only for the games being added to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. The Classics catalog for PlayStation Plus is only offered to those that subscribe to the Premium tier of the service, which starts at about $18 per month.

Unveil a fantasy of magnificence, deception, magical combat, and retribution as you join swordsman Dart and his companions to harness the spiritual forces of Dragons and triumph over evil. Using a unique and innovative tactical combat system, transform into Dragoons and unleash extraordinary powers. Control a wide variety of characters that wield unique weapons and Dragoon attacks powered by the elements in this unforgettable role-playing game. Experience The Legend of Dragoon – originally released on PS1, enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.