Composer Mick Gordon Donates Atomic Heart Fee to Help Ukraine


  • Composer Mick Gordon Donates Atomic Heart Fee to Help Ukraine

    Gordon's fee is going to help the Red Cross Australia's work in Ukraine.
    The flag of Ukraine, the top half is blue, the bottom half is yellow.

    Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon says that he is donating his fee from the game to the Red Cross Australia's Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

    This comes after the game's developer, Mundfish, came under fire for supposedly using funding from sanctioned Russian organizations to develop Atomic Heart. Mundfish released a statement in January 2023 saying that they were "pro-peace." Mundfish continued on to say that they "do not comment on politics or religion," which handwaved away the allegations without actually addressing them. The studio also had to recently deny allegations that they were harvesting data for Russia.

    On February 14, the Valentinest of days, Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon announced his intention to donate towards supporting Ukraine relief.

    "In April 2020, Mundfish Studio approached me to contribute to the musical vision of Atomic Heart. he game's unique aesthetic, combined with my musician's love for Soviet-era synthesizers, provided an exciting creative opportunity. I was thrilled to be involved and am grateful that the team saw fit to bring me onboard. Working with Mundfish is an absolute delight, as they prioritize imagination and artistic freedom, which is evident in the game's stunning art direction and detailed world-building."(...)

    "I am proud to donate my fee from the game to the Australian Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal in support of the people of Ukraine who are heroically defending their country against aggression. I believe it is important to support pro-peace organizations, stand up for what is right and to help those in need, especially during times of crisis. This donation is a way for me to provide practical support to those whose lives have been impacted by the war."
    Atomic Heart is expected to release on February 21. The system requirements for Atomic Heart were recently revealed and relatively reasonable. Mick Gordon is perhaps best known for his work in the recent DOOM and Wolfenstein games.

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      I get why Russian companies/studios say they are "pro peace" but it does end up sounding disingenuous, again i get it, because bad mouthing your communist government during a war probably won't end well for you.
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