Explore a giant cave full of secrets with or without VR.
Art showing a person holding a lantern and standing in a massive underground cave. Directly in front of the person is an underground lake. Beyond that are cave walls lit by blue lighting. Beyond that can be seen a volcano with bright lava flowing down the sides.

Explore a massive intricate underground cave system with today's release of Colossal Cave. This is a "3D interpretation of the original text adventure." For those too young to remember, many adventure games were presented only in text form way back in the day. They were aptly called text-based adventure games where you had to type in your commands or actions to play. The game worlds were created via text and your imagination.

The original game that this was based on, Colossal Cave Adventure, came out back in 1976. Its impact on gaming was massive at the time, having helped to inspire the creation of games and franchises such as Zork and Adventureland. It also helped create the basis for the roguelike and action-adventure genres we have to this day.

Today's release on Meta Quest 2, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, and Mac was reimagined by none other than Roberta Williams. Roberta, alongside her husband Ken Williams, are the co-founders of Sierra On-Line. You may remember them for their work in creating some of the first graphic adventure games like Mystery House, King's Quest, and Phantasmagoria. Their new company, Cygnus Entertainment, developed Colossal Cave.

An Xbox Series X|S version is said to be coming at a later date. The game looks to retail for $39.99 (USD).

Also coming later is the newly announced PlayStation VR2 release. All we know about the PlayStation VR2 release is that it will happen in 2023. PlayStation VR2 launches on February 22, 2023, so the release window is narrowed a slight bit.

Annoyingly, those who want to play the VR version of Colossal Cave are limited only to the Meta Quest 2 right now. Though the game is available on PC, I see no indication that any PC VR platforms are supported.

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The entrance to this breathtaking yet treacherous fantasy world has finally been opened for courageous adventurers. Forge an unforgettable path through the near-bottomless depths of a massive underground labyrinth. Collect both mundane and magical items throughout the caverns, solving crafty puzzles to uncover untold fortunes and secrets alike.

Rise a trusty lantern to illuminate miles of vibrant and enchanting passageways while clutching a well-seasoned ax generously gifted by a semi-hostile dwarf. Spelunk around colossal stalagmites erupting from the earth as the ambient noise of lingering bat colonies, echoing expanses, and lumbering creatures imbue the senses. Make friends (or foes!) with majestic beasts before emerging from the mystic caves victorious, and venture back home, treasures in hand.