Console fans of the MMO can now access the new content.
Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

Those of you playing The Elder Scrolls Online through their PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S consoles can now play the new Lost Depths DLC. Alongside this new content is the new Update 35 title update for the game.

Lost Depths includes not one but two new four-player dungeons to tackle: Graven Deep and Earthen Root Enclave. Each of these dungeons includes additional story content that continues the "Legacy of the Bretons" saga that began with the release of the Ascending Tide DLC and the High Isle Chapter. These dungeons offer new item sets, achievements, and collectibles not found anywhere else in the game.

The full patch notes for Update 35 are broken down by PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

(Update 35 is) a new base-game patch that all ESO players can enjoy, no purchase required. This update consists of balance changes, fixes, and new features, including changes to the combat system, the introduction of bonus “mini-events” for Battlegrounds (for example, a weekend that grants bonus Alliance Points), and broad improvements to XP gains in PvP in general.