A couple of the most requested features are finally being added to the Destiny franchise.
Destiny 2 LFG official

Ever since the early days of the first Destiny, fans have been begging Bungie to add in features like an in-game looking for group (LFG) system along with a loadout system. As part of the big Bungie livestream focused on Destiny 2: Lightfall, the game's next major expansion, Bungie announced that both of these much-requested features are finally being added to the game.

In Destiny 2, there are a number of activities that do not have matchmaking. These are typically reserved for the game's more challenging content like the six-person Raids, but some of the harder three-person content also lacked matchmaking. To form groups with others, assuming you didn't have enough friends to fill a team, you are limited to third-party solutions like dedicated Destiny 2 LFG Discord servers. There was a team finder feature in the Destiny 2 mobile app but I don't know a single person that used that to find groups.

In Lightfall, Bungie will allow players to seek out others using various pre-determined tags. Each group looks like it will include a little area where you can manually input a title that briefly explains whatever specifics you want to include.

This LFG feature is being accompanied by a new Guardian Commendation system. This will let you rate other players after finishing an activity together. This will allow players to quickly see if you are a good person to have on the team, or if you are a good leader.

Bungie is also adding in the ability to quickly swap between multiple loadouts, another feature that has been highly requested by the community. In addition, Bungie will have a new mod menu that will let players change all their mods at once and should make creating multiple loadouts quite a bit easier.

In an effort to make Destiny easier to access for new players, Bungie is introducing what they're calling Guardian Ranks.

The path to becoming a legend is not easy, and sometimes, a little bit of guidance is required. So let us introduce you to the Guardian Ranks, a reputation system that will not only help new players find their way into the game, but also reward veterans for helping others and for being an all-around exceptional player.
Finally, a more recent "most requested" feature was also announced this afternoon. This one is less of a feature and more of a "please stop taking away content we paid for." Bungie says that from this point forward, content like paid full expansions will not be sunset. However, the seasonal content activities that appear within each expansion will still be moved to the Destiny Content Vault.