It's finally got a release date.
Skull and Bones

Barring even more delays, Skull and Bones now has a set release date, and that date is November 8, 2022. Ubisoft announced the date earlier today and noted that this high-seas pirate action game will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

Taking place in the 17th century in the Indian Ocean, players will get to experience the "Golden Age of Piracy." You know, the one before the Internet came about. This is an open-world game that will have players setting sail in open waters, encountering deadly wildlife, and doing battle against enemy ships.

Players will start with naught but their wits and a rickety little sailboat. As they gather resources, they'll unlock blueprints that will let them craft new and bigger ships, upgrades, weapons, and tools, all of which are essential for growing their reputations and expanding their piratical possibilities. To further build their fleet and gain access to even more resources and upgrades, players must grow their Infamy by completing contracts from vendors, local factions, and kingpins throughout the world. Players can also identify new opportunities by scouting the seas with captain's tools such as the spyglass, which can spot trade routes and wealthy merchant ships, or scope out enemy weaknesses for the best plan of attack.

Naval combat is a core feature of Skull and Bones, and you'll be able to customize your approach depending on your preferred playstyle. There are 12 different ship options in the game, each with different stats for speed, capacity, and hit points. Additionally, each ship has unique perks that further allow players to customize their experience. Ships can be equipped with armor and a number of deadly weapons, like cannons, mortars, ballistae, torpedoes, and more.
Skull and Bones is currently available for pre-order starting at $59.99 (USD). There's also an $89.99 Premium Edition that nets you a digital soundtrack, two missions, "The Ballad of Bloody Bones Collection," and a nebulous "and more." All pre-orders get the Highness of the High Sea Pack.

Ubisoft released three new videos today for Skull and Bones. They're all presumably embedded below.