A re-launch of the "dodgebrawl" game comes with some big changes.
Knockout City Season 6

Last year, EA and developer Velan Studios launched Knockout City. This rather intense take on the sport of dodgeball was pretty great, but the fact that it came with a price tag meant that it was leaving a lot of potential players on the table. The price was, undoubtedly, left up to publisher EA and they decided that a full free-to-play experience wasn't going to cut it.

Well, EA is apparently out of the picture now and Velan Studios is flying solo. With this split from EA as their publisher, Knockout City is now fully free-to-play. Yes, there are things you can buy with real money, including a new seasonal "Brawl Pass" with a bunch of new cosmetics to unlock. Today's re-launch of the game also coincides with the start of Season 6 for the game, named City of Tomorrow.

Perhaps most intriguing in this new season is the inclusion of some Among Us themed cosmetics. You can unlock this content throughout the season if you desire.

That isn't the end of Knockout City news today though. No, sir. Velan announced that Knockout City has reached over 10 million downloads. It is perhaps important to note here that there was a "free" release of Knockout City that let you play up to something like level 20 without having to pay anything. If you wanted to keep playing you needed to pay. Knockout City was also offered up as a free PlayStation Plus game in November 2021.

Today's launch of Season 6 also adds in a new ball, the Boomerang Ball, that flies back to you like a boomerang would. The downtime between games also now has new minigames, audio tracks, and cosmetics to try out. An energy drink will boost your XP for an hour every time players hit it with a special ball.

League Play now features rewards that can be earned by progressing through the tier-based ranking system. Rewards include currency and cosmetics granted based on performance. Additional details on what has been changed and added can be found in the Patch 6.0 changelog.

Knockout City is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There is full cross-play enabled between all platforms.