The plans are up in the air at the moment.
V Rising

Stunlock Studios offers a new developer update talking about V Rising plans and some sales figures. First off, they note that the vampire survival game has sold over one million copies since its release into Early Access on May 17. The game has been a surprise success for the developer, so much so that the team really isn't sure yet what they're doing in the longer term for the game.

That's not to say that Stunlock is completely clueless as to what they'll be working on next for the game. It's more that they don't have a set plan to share for what will happen after these short-term ideas. Short-term things like bug fixes, balancing, and other improvements are already being worked on.

Many journeys have a set path, a road with a clear destination. While we certainly have our goal in mind for V Rising, our path is not all set. We’re oiling the axles of our wagon, making sure the horses are well-fed, and making sure that everything is in order before we cast ourselves into the wilds. Our primary focus right now is bug fixes, balance changes, server optimization, and quality of life improvements. The next step will be to analyze all the data and feedback from the first weeks of Early Access to make sure we can nail the master plan moving forward. We’re already working on new material to inject more life into Vardoran, but improving on the game is more than just adding more content on top of what we already have. We’ll have to improve on the entire journey to make sure V Rising will reach its full potential.