There better be a full chrome mod for Agent 47's head or so help me...
Hitman 3 ray tracing

The second major patch to hit Hitman 3 in year 2 arrived for all platforms today. With today's update, fans can expect "a wealth of changes" including new additions and some community-focused bug fixes.

Naturally, the biggest new addition today is the fact that there is now real-time ray tracing support and adaptive supersampling support for those playing on PC. Both PC players and console players will get a "quacktastic new weapon" that can be earned in the new Elusive Target Arcade mode.

Ray Tracing on PC
Realtime ray tracing arrives for our PC players with our 3.110 patch and will bring higher quality reflections and shadows to the World of Assassination. Through HITMAN 3, all locations in the World of Assassination will benefit from this new feature. Read more on our Player Support Hub for more details and the Requirements for Ray Tracing and Adaptive Supersampling.

Adaptive Supersampling
Patch 3.110 also adds support for Adaptive Supersampling, such as NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 1.0. We’re also working together with our friends at Intel to introduce their Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) technology to the game in a future patch. AMD’s FSR2 is expected to be supported in the same future patch.
The full list of changes, additions, and improvements can be found at the IO Interactive website.