A PS5 release is also coming with enhanced features.
Fall Guys Free for All F2P

Fall Guys is going the free to play route on June 21. It will hit Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and the Epic Games Store also on the 21st. Existing versions of the game will be updated with the new F2P model in mind.

A PlayStation 5 release is also coming. This release is said to include "faster load times and other performance upgrades."

This move to F2P will come with a new 100-level season pass. The new season of Fall Guys will be called Free for All and will add in new levels, costumes, and challenges. There will also be a new premium currency added to the game called Showbucks.

Those that already bought the game will get the Legacy Pack for free. This will include cosmetics like the Veggie Dog, Regal, and Dwarf costumes.

Thanks to full cross-play, progress will be carried over on whichever platforms you decide to play on. Start playing on the Switch on your trip home and whatever progress you made there will be waiting for you when you continue playing that evening on the PC.

Ah, but there is some bad news too. Since Epic Games acquired Mediatonic in March 2021, its days were effectively numbered on Steam. Yes, Fall Guys is leaving Steam because reasons. Something something competition. I don't know.

If you are a current Steam player and really want to keep playing Fall Guys, you can do so. They aren't just going to remove the game from your library. The game will still get updates on that platform. However, new players will be forced to play through the Epic Games Store. The same thing happened to Rocket League back in 2020 so this whole thing shouldn't be too surprising.