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Hydraulic cable tensioner 70KN Costs Transmission conductor stringing tools

The tools are hydraulically taken care of for the tensile stress and likewise complete with excellent quality elements in addition to aspects such as hydraulic brake, high-performance finned radiator, hydraulic power system, precision filtering tool to maintain the risk-free, premium in addition to effective performance. The hydraulic power gadget supplies the traction of conductors at both favorable as well as negative instructions. The single-beam trailer structure is additionally embraced, where training factors are pre-set for protecting and also short-lived anchoring, to complete mobile small stability really simple to be packed, moved and also relocated.

A hydraulic cable tensioning gadget has a text as well as likewise tensioning yoke formed from lightweight aluminum as well as also can deliver 5,000 psi to tension a cable birthing a barrel and wedge assemblies such as in a mine roof covering screw or a cable truss. The body defines a set of dental caries which each obtain a lengthened participant birthing a piston which with each other serve as dual-action hydraulic cylindrical tubes. A cable receiving birthed specified in the body obtains a wire gripping individual to grasp the wire while the tensioning yoke pushes versus the barrel as well as likewise wedge assembly in response to stress from the hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic Tensioner features 2 collections of hydraulic power result interfaces, so about linking the hydraulic conductor reel stand. If a hydraulic failure takes place, the springtime used hydraulically launched multi-plate brake can run instantly to ensure safety. The bullwheel of this product welcomes MC nylon mobile lining segments, featuring wear resistance. 70KN Cable Tensioners SA-YZ2 × 35 To Stringing A Couple Of Package Conductor SA-YZ2 * 35 Hydraulic cable tensioner tool for stringing is adequate to anxiety launching various performs and also earth wires.

  • Bull-wheel size: 1500mm
  • Max conductor size: 55mm
  • Max Fiber optics cable size: 21mm
  • Groove width: 68mm
  • Groove number: 6
  • Complete weight: 3000kg
  • Total measurement (dimension * size * elevation): 4500 * 2200 * 2300mm Efficiency
  • Max periodic pull:70 kN.
  • Max continual pull: 60kN.
  • Speed at max pull: 2.5 km/h.
  • Max rate: 5km/h.
  • Pluck max price: 35kN.
  • Max turns around pulling pressure: 50kN.
  • Max turn around drawing price: 2.4 km/h.

Trick setup
  • Engine: Cummins.
  • Hydraulic pump: German Rexroth/Dnish Danfoss.
  • Main electrical motor: German Rexroth/French Leduc.
  • Rate reducer: German Rexroth.
  • Hydraulic meter: German WIKA.
  • Operating deal with: German Rexroth Engine.
  • Diesel: 77kw( 103hp).
  • Cooling system: water.
  • Electric system: 24V.
  • Hydraulic Transmission.
  • The device can identify activity less rate.
  • The machine is supplied tension presetting system.

  • Hydraulic dynamometers.
  • Hydraulic oil air conditioning system.
  • Electric meter counters.
  • Grounding link point Added Gizmos.
  • Lights system for the trailer.
  • Hydraulic rope clamp for reel modification( added price).
  • Swivel introduction rope roller.
  • Trailer for hauling at a max speed of 30 km/h.
  • Extra shaft.
  • Digital price as well as likewise meter counter.

Uses for a hydraulic cable tensioner

Hydraulic cable tensioner device of the present moment creation which is made use of to produce anxiety in a cable, the cable having one end fixed to a framework and also a complimentary end birthing an accessory setting up. The device consists of.
  1. A unitary body defining a cable acquiring birthed and also an extended dental caries.
  2. A wire clutching participant received within the cable getting birthed.
  3. A prolonged member got within the tooth dental caries along with having a preliminary end prolonging out of the body.
  4. A piston slidably fitted within the cavities in addition to fixed to a second end of the extended participant, consequently specifying a very first chamber on one side of the piston as well as the 2nd chamber on a contrary side of the piston.
  5. A yoke connected to the initial end of the extended member, the yoke specifying a birthed lined up with the cable obtaining bore and having a joint surface area. The body is ideally developed from lightweight aluminum.
When a cable has one end fixed to a framework in addition to a cost-free end bearing an attachment establishing is gotten in the bore and additionally, the piston is advised towards the yoke, the wire grasping participant realizes the cable while the prolonged participant vacates dental caries consequently urging the joint surface area against the add-on assembly along with tensioning the cable in between the device establishing as well as the collection end of the cable. Ideally, the body defines a collection of extended tooth decays put on in contrast sides of the birthed, each tooth dental caries getting an extended member with a piston slidably fitted within the cavity along with fixed to one end of the lengthened participant, consequently defining a first chamber on one side of each piston in addition to a second chamber on a contrary side of each piston, with the yoke being fixed to the lengthened members. The piston is portable in the direction of the yoke when tension within the extremely first chambers is above stress within the second chambers. The tension in stated preliminary chambers relies on around 5,000 psi. The device, even more, consists of a set of hydraulic liquid supply lines, and also the body additionally defines (i) an initial passage in fluid communication with one hydraulic fluid supply line as well as the initial chambers as well as (ii) the second course in liquid communication with the different other hydraulic fluid supply line in addition to the second chambers.