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The state of New Jersey is known for a lot of things. Bad things. The state is known for a lot of bad things and bad things only. Stick with me on this, alright?

One of its major cities, Newark, is known as being one of the top cities in the United States where cars are stolen. New Jersey is also home to more diners than any other state, which means that there is a much higher chance of seeing Guy Fieri at random. New Jersey also has the distinction of being the most densely populated state in the country. Let's not forget either that Jersey Shore was filmed there. Yeah, this state gave the world "The Situation" and "Snooki." Yikes! I have also been told, on good authority, that "Camden is the worst." Worst what? I'll leave that up to your imagination.

Other than these details, New Jersey isn't known for much anything else, let alone known for offering much of anything good to the world. It's true. Just take our word for it and don't bother to look it up anywhere for any reason. There is no reason to doubt what was said here as everything said has been 100% factual, including the opinion shared about the city of Camden.

You know what though? New Jersey does have at least one thing going in its favor. It's easy to escape the harsh truths of life by simply going online to the World Wide Web. Specifically, why not try to escape the bleak reality of the state by visiting any of several NJ online casino sites?

Oh, that sweet, sweet escape. Just gamble all your worries away at any of the many New Jersey focused online casino sites. It makes sense that the state that is home to several physical casino locations is also home to several online casinos. Atlantic City in New Jersey is essentially the mini-Las Vegas for those on the East Coast who are unable to make the trip to the real Las Vegas in Nevada. Atlantic City is often included in the list of top casino cities in America right next to Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

In fact, you don't even need to live in New Jersey to want to find an escape from reality, especially with the whole literal everything that is going on in the world right now. Visiting and playing some games at an online casino could be just the perfect way to escape.

You want to play blackjack? You can do it in an online casino. Maybe you like throwing the dice around a virtual table? Well guess what? You sound like you'd enjoy craps. We would be fools if we didn't also mention that tried-and-true poker, whichever flavor you like to play that in. Naturally, there are also plenty of slot machines of all types, especially if you decide to play online. You have choices beyond your wildest imagination when playing games at online casinos.

Oh, and to those living in New Jersey, we love you. Thanks for being good sports about our good-natured ribbing in this post. Besides, you've probably heard and experienced far worse than this. You live in New Jersey after all.