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Casinos are usually associated with wealth and luxury, but we often overlook the high number of gambling joints that don’t look particularly flashy. In order for these institutions or gambling websites to be profitable, they need as many customers as possible. Having big spenders as clients also helps, but when it comes to online entertainment it’s all about quantity.

Bigger entertainment resorts are made to attract high-paying individuals, and they make profits from casinos, restaurants, and hospitality services. Smaller establishments generate revenue exclusively from games, and we will talk about how these games work and create profit.

RTP in Casino Games

One important aspect of every casino game is a return to the player or RTP. This number basically indicates how much money the operator is making on a specific game. Modern casino sites include both high and low RTP games, but typically give players bonuses to incentivize them to play lower RTP titles. If a game has an RTP of 99% it means that a casino gets to keep 1% of the total revenue the game has generated. The other 99% are basically a reward for players who win at that game. The RTP is calculated based on the house-edge that the game has. So, if the odds are 49% to 51% in favor of the house, then 1% of profits goes to the casino.

Different Types of Casinos and Rewards

There are online casinos that don’t rely on this RTP calculation. This is because they don’t offer real money rewards, and they only give users coupons that can be exchanged for different prizes. In other words, only online casinos voor echt geld or real money gambling sites use this type of calculation to measure profits. The reason why some operators don’t have this system is that they are not legally allowed. In many countries online casinos are illegal, but by using this alternative reward structure you don’t need a license for gambling.

Bonuses and RTP

Those who play casino games on the internet know that creating an account and making a deposit gives them access to certain bonuses. Bonuses usually seem like free money that allows players to test their luck, without losing their own money. That’s not entirely true though, and casino udbetaling or casino payouts also use bonuses to their advantage. Sure, there are certain no deposits and no wagering bonuses which are freebies, but almost all of the generous bonuses come with wagering requirements. In fact, these bonuses allow casinos to generate more revenue.

When you claim the bonus and agree to its requirements you are making a commitment to make additional deposits in the future. If you don’t meet these requirements, then you cannot make a withdrawal. So even if you win, you still need to make future payments or forfeit a portion of your winnings.


Hopefully, this has clarified a few things regarding the inner workings of casino games. It’s also clear why the house always wins, but it also reveals that it’s difficult and demanding to get into this business. You need massive capital just to set things up and then to have enough to handle payouts. Moreover, these are only the base principles of how payouts work, and there are additional details pertaining to agreements between operators and software developers.