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Esports have continued to grow in popularity year over year. Nowhere is that more apparent than in some of today's hottest and biggest esports games available right now for anybody to play. Even those that have zero interest in playing these games have started to watch matches online and in-person, even going so far as to choose for and root for their favorite teams or players.

As prize pools continue to grow every year, it's clear to see that esports aren't going anywhere any time soon. If you are new to the scene, you may be curious as to what the five biggest esports titles are these days. Well, hopefully we can help provide you with a glimpse at the biggest titles played today. Everything from Fortnite to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is here. While reading through this list, just remember that you can find CSGO gambling sites on MonsterGames.

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Throughout the years, Counter-Strike has remained a constant in the esports scene. Though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released back in 2012, the entire Counter-Strike franchise has always been a popular mainstay in the world of esports since the turn of the century. If that doesn't make some of you feel old, nothing will.

In 2021, the CS:GO Major Championships saw the world's top-24 teams competing for a chance at the $2M (USD) prize. In 2022, it looks as though the prize pool is down to just $1M but will still again see 24 teams competing.

4. Call of Duty

A new Call of Duty game is released nearly every year, and every year the game pulls in huge numbers from professional players and new blood, all wanting a piece of the competitive action. Each year, publisher Activision partners with several sponsors and event organizers to keep competitive fans happy throughout the year. The biggest event each year is the Call of Duty League.

3. Tekken 7

The first non-FPS game to grace our list is none other than the super popular Tekken 7. The game, while perhaps most widely known for its single-player campaign and story, found itself as the focus of attention from many key players in the fighting game community.

Competitive players continue to push Tekken 7 into the spotlight thanks to its use of multiple fighting styles, smooth 3D movement, and the ever-hype slow-motion effects that kick in when players are at critical health and the next close-quarters move could be a round ending blow.

2022 already saw a huge Tekken 7 tournament take place earlier in the year with MAGFest 2022. Later in 2022, from August 5-7, Tekken 7 will be one of the major fighting games featured during EVO 2022.

2. Rocket League

Despite being first released in 2015, the game that combines fast cars with a soccer-like gameplay experience is still going very strong. Just last year, the Rocket League Championship Series saw players all competing for a part of a $1M prize pool. These players, many of which who have been playing from the start, pull off all sorts of gravity defying maneuvers all to get a giant ball into their opponents' goal.

1. DOTA 2

The world's biggest esports tournament continues to get even bigger year after year. We are, of course, talking about The International DOTA 2 Championships. Based off total prize money alone, DOTA 2 stands far and above the rest of the competition. The International alone has prize pools that exceed several tens of millions of dollars.

In 2021, The International had a prize pool of over $40M (USD), which was a near $6M increase over the previous event in 2019 (2020's event had to be cancelled). This saw the first-place winner, Team Spirit, taking home a staggering $18.2M top prize. This alone is more than the total prize pools for several other esports games. While developer Valve does supply a decent amount towards the prize pool, most of the funding comes from fans.

Last year's event saw over 2.7 million viewers at its peak, with an average viewer count sitting just shy of 858,000 people from all over the world. Fans watched well over 107 million hours of The International. With an ever-increasing prize pool year after year, and a growing fanbase, those viewer numbers will continue to climb.