In World of Warcraft Classic, players usually spend time taking down enemies and their bosses, while completing different quests. If we say that it’s the old and the long way for those players who are eager to level up faster won’t be wrong. Having said that means players confront difficulties during boss battle and they have to struggle to resurrect once they fail. Therefore, players come out to find the way they can use WoW Classic SOM Gold to level up their account faster; however, it is the most expensive method and may put a huge dent in their pocket.

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WoW Classic Season of Mastery Guide – Tips and Tricks

Before jumping into the game, players should learn about some tips and tricks for the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery to level up their accounts faster. You can also purchase WoW Classic SOM Gold and spend it to buy some essential tools you need to improve your gameplay. Furthermore, we’ve compiled a guide to help you level up your character ease and enjoy the gameplay.

Keep Your focus on Questing

Expecting to upgrade your character speedily, then make a list of goals you need to achieve to fulfill your dream of reaching a higher level fast. Your ultimate goal should be focused on reaching level 60, the highest level; however, you can decide to join the Season of Mastery Character Classes and level up your character dramatically.

One of the best and most used ways to obtain EXP is questing, as players from worldwide are earning XPs from the content questing. The chances of obtaining more points increase when it comes to the Season of Mastery Quest XP Buff – the simplest way to level up. To progress faster, having a well-organized is mandatory and you can explore dungeons to bring more XP points to your meter.

Keep Patience for Leveling Up

When it comes to leveling up your character, then you should keep patience as it can’t be done within a few minutes or hours. Lots of professional players have spent endless hours to achieve the goal of reaching the highest level; therefore, we suggest you stay calm and keep your focus on the primary process of obtaining Experience Points that are questing.

As you complete the first quest, the game pushes you to the level and every new level comes with new unlocked skills. Earn a lot of skills through different levels and keep your focus on definite features that you can use in your journey of World of Warcraft Classic.

Try Mob Grinding

Grinding monsters for endless hours surely would be a boring job close to you, also not suitable for me. But when it comes to earning more money, then tolerating the process might go in your favor as killed enemies will leave rewards for you behind them. You can collect the rewards and in-game money that require upgrading your character fast. You can easily achieve level 40 by grinding monsters.

Players who want to level up fast have a great opportunity in the form of Season of Mastery. It is a 12-month long competition, separated into six different phases. The first two phases have been released, while the rest of the four phases are in queue to be released soon.