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GSC Game World, the developer behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, just announced that the game will be supported by a variety of stupid NFTs when it is released in 2022. Details are relatively scarce right now, but the studio did reveal some information on at least one of the NFTs.

This particular NFT will allow the owner to become the "first ever metahuman" in the game. This is just fancy marketing speak to say that they will become an NPC in the game. This is also not to be confused with the MetaHuman Creator tool from Epic Games that creates realistic looking human characters.

There are more S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 NFTs coming to too, let's not forget. GSC Game World says that they will have more NFT drops coming later but did not specify what those might be. They did at least say that those NFTs "won't influence the gameplay itself or give in-game advantages over other players."

According to The Verge, players will be able to bid for an NFT that offers the "metahuman" prize as part of an auction taking place in January 2022. The winner will get to buy and sell it until a specific claim date after the auction. Whomever ends up with the NFT at the end will have to go through a simple process to become an NPC.

The idea of the related NFT is to give the right to recreate its owner’s identity within the game through one of the NPCs. The person will need to come to our studio for a detailed scanning procedure and after that, we will have everything to make this person appear in the game world as one of the characters.
So, it's an auction... for an item you can't physically own... that is then further auctioned out to the highest bidder... and the grand prize is to become an NPC in a video game. Why isn't it just a single auction to begin with? Why does this need to be an NFT? What in the hell is wrong with the gaming industry?! God almighty this industry fucking sucks.

Speaking of how dumb this whole idea is, remember our story about Peter Molyneux's new "game" called Legacy? You know, the one where it's basically going to be all NFTs this and blockchain that? Yeah, that one. That crap has already managed to sell over £40 million (over $53M USD) in NFTs. This figure was reported on yesterday by RPS, so that number has probably already gone up since then.

And though none of the game is even available to players, they've almost sold out of Land NFTs. All the plots of 'Land' sold so far combined went for the equivalent of over 14,000 Ethereum, or around £40.5 million in real money. The most expensive was a London plot, a limited edition of one at Ancient (artificial) rarity, which sold for the equivalent of about £670,000.
What are we doing here, people? Do you just hate having money? Do you hate the planet? Are you really that desperate to hop onto this idiotic trend? I'm angry and I frankly hate everyone and every company entertaining this stupid fad.