But will there be any spice?
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Hello Games just keeps on delivering the goods when it comes to No Man's Sky. The game's newest expedition, Emergence, tasks players with hunting down a massive space worm, eliminating the "wretched Hungering Tendrils," and then collecting "the Vile Spawn that lingers behind."

Expeditions were first added to No Man's Sky in March 2021. They are structured chunks of adventures that players can optionally partake of. These Expeditions will take players to the same worlds in order to participate in these community-focused adventures. It just so happens that this, the game's fourth Expedition, focuses on a giant worm right around the same time that the new Dune movie is coming out.

I'm sure that's purely a coincidence. A really, really convenient coincidence.

This new Expedition coincides with a new title update for the game. This update adds in more of these worms of all shapes and sizes throughout the universe, which you may randomly come across at any time.

Expedition Four: Emergence also includes updates to particle effects found in the game, a wearable worm head thing, and even the ability to get a sandworm companion that you can ride. All of the new additions and the full changelog can be found here.