Season 8 includes new skins, new gameplay features, and more.
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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is here. This season begins after last season ended with the defeat of an alien invasion. Again, what even is Fortnite anymore? Season 8 introduces the usual array of new Battle Pass skins to unlock, some new gameplay mechanics, a cube named Kevin, and Marvel's Carnage skin.

The deal with the cube is this: There's a purple cube that is sometimes referred to as Kevin. This cube first appeared back in Season 5 of the game. It is capable of destroying everything in its path all the while it creates gravity altering runes and Cube Monsters. Epic has straight up said that the cube is sentient. The Cube can deflect bullets and will either hurt or heal players that get near it.

So yeah, Kevin the cube is back and it brought some buddies with it in Season 8. The cubes that were powering the alien ships in the previous season have now fallen to the ground and they opened up new rifts to a dimension called The Sideways. These rifts allow you to engage in combat with foes in order to collect some loot.

There's also something about a Queen mentioned. You can hear her in the new season trailer, embedded below. She seems like she'll be made available later on in the season.

The Season Pass includes a bunch of different skins. It seems like the highlight of the announced skins is Marvel's Carnage. Carnage was once a serial killer named Cletus Kasady that merged with some symbiote. Carnage is very much not a hero.

Season 8 introduces some new Sideways weapons that can be found in Sideways chests. These weapons include the Sideways Rifle, Sidways Minigun, and Sideways Lightblade.

The map in Fortnite Season 8 has also been quite drastically changed up. Players will come across the wreckage of the alien mothership, the aforementioned purple cubes, areas full of cube energy that create energy tunnels you can use for enhanced mobility, and more. I think the general layout is a little different as well, but I don't play Fortnite so I can't tell for sure.

There's still a bunch of additional bits and bobs that weren't covered in this news post. For more information on Fortnite Season 8 you can check out here, here, or here. For some reason, this season needed at least three different official posts made.

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