You can become an Overseer, just like in that game with the vaults.
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Update 3.6 for No Man's Sky is available now and wow is it ever a big one. Hello Games is calling this the Frontiers update and just like their other updates, this one is filled to the brim with new content. You will get to become an Overseer for a procedurally generated alien settlement. You will make choices, guide citizens, develop new structures, and defend people from Sentinels.

Being an Overseer will allow you to explore and maintain randomly generated settlements full of alien life. You can name the town, choose what to build, commission festivals, solve disputes, and fight off Sentinels. Each settlement will feature unique buildings, layouts, color schemes, and interior and exterior decorations.

Choosing what building types you want in the settlement will determine what the town specializes in. Build farms and factories to prioritize productivity, or build leisure focused buildings and your citizens will take a "more relaxed approach to frontier life."

Settlements that are highly productive will generate a steady income for the player, including products and substances. The bigger and happier a settlement is, the more resources will be given to the Overseer each day.

Or maybe you don't want to do any of that. That's fine, because Frontiers also brings with it a "massive overhaul" to the game's base building feature. There are now hundreds of new base parts, all of which are arranged neatly in the grid-based base building menu. Moving base parts is now easier than ever thanks to the overhaul. There are also contextual base parts like walls and windows that will make it easier to build bases.

Or maybe you would rather explore the new nebulas that were added to the game.

Or maybe you want to hatch a new monstrous companion to call your own.

Or maybe you're just happy to hear that enhanced cloud saving is now enabled, not to mention that No Man's Sky now has Steam Card drops enabled as well as badges.

Oh, there's also new and enhanced destruction effects that show up when you're mining, destroying asteroids, manipulating terrain, seeing enemies explode, and for Exocraft crashes.

For the full list of changes, hit up the Frontiers update page and scroll down for a long while.

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