A data miner has discovered the skin along with a new emote.
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A Will Smith skin has been discovered by a Fortnite data miner. Fortnite data miner Hypex has previously dug up details on then unannounced skins like Lebron James and Ariana Grande. They also found information about the Fortnite Winter Trials and a Daybreak PvE game mode. Now, he and data mining cohort Not0fficer found a Bad Boys Will Smith skin that could be hitting the battle royale game very soon.

Not only is a Bad Boys inspired Will Smith coming to the game, but it looks like a new "Bim Bam Toi" emote is coming soon too. Bim Bam Toi seems to be a song by French singer Carla. Carla was France's entry in 2019's Junior Eurovision contest. I had to look this up as a dirty American who is ignorant of all things Eurovision.

So, why Will Smith? Furthermore, why Will Smith in his Bad Boys getup? The film came out back in 1995. The latest film in the series came out in 2020, which still pushes it a bit out of the period of relevancy. Now there is a Bad Boys 4 currently in pre-production, which means that's probably still a long ways off. So the reason for this new skin feels like a big mystery right now. The only assumption that can be pulled from this move is that we're all eventually going to become Fortnite skins over time.