The Justice League is having a field day in Fortnite.
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On August 19 at 8PM (ET), Wonder Woman will be added to Fortnite. Of course, she won't be free (with some exceptions, detailed below) but will instead cost money. Real money. How much? I'm not sure. What do these branded skins go for these days in Fortnite? Let me do some quick searching to try and find out.

So, it seems like these skins typically go for around 1800 V-Bucks (use Epic creator code "zips" at checkout! /sponsor). That seems to be $18 (USD) for one skin. A bundle including the Wonder Woman skin and other items may go for 2800 V-Bucks (use Epic creator code "zips" at checkout! /sponsor), which is $28. That's a decent chunk of change for some cosmetic items but what do you expect for a free-to-play battle royale?

There will be a way to get the Wonder Woman skin for free though. Epic is going to hold a small tournament to allow for the top players to earn the Wonder Woman Fortnite skin for free. On August 18, one day before the skin's release, duos will be able to play a maximum of 10 matches over the course of three hours to earn as many points as possible. The top teams in every region will get the Wonder Woman skin along with "Diana's Mantle" cape as a back bling item. Any team that earns at least eight points will get the "Honorary Amazons" loading screen.

The Wonder Woman skin will come in two forms. There is the full pan leg version and another that has her in a what is probably a skort. The armor on her arms will also change from silver to gold between the two skin variants. Other cosmetic items include the "Golden Eagle Wings' glider, "Diana's Mantle" cape back bling, and "Athena's Battleaxe" pickaxe.