But how much will those glows cost you?
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Bungie just released a new trailer today for their upcoming "Solstice of Heroes" event coming soon to Destiny 2. This annual event is scheduled to run from July 6 through August 3 this year.

What can you earn during the event? Well, you can earn glowing, class-specific Solstice armor. You can also earn some universal ornaments that also glow. You can even earn some new ships, Sparrows, and general "eye-catching cosmetics."

For those who have played through the Solstice of Heroes event before, you may be happy(?) to know that the European Aerial Zone is yet again returning for this year's event. Spend real money by buying event items through Eververse. Want to give Bungie even more money? You can do so by picking up the 2021 Solstice of Heroes shirt once you complete the intro quests for the event.

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