Will be available day one on Game Pass.
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Shredders is a new snowboarding game coming to the Xbox Series X|S this December and launching day one on Xbox Game Pass.

The basic idea behind Shredders is that you will be trying to earn an invitation to an exclusive snowboarding event. To do so, you will be pulling off tricks and trying to combo your way to the hearts and minds of judges. You will need to "master the art of park riding, backcountry, rails, and massive kickers" to earn your place.

The game will also apparently feature a number of professional snowboarders, though they weren't named just yet. Shredders will make use of hand-sculpted parks, urban environments, and "off-piste adventures." Everything takes place on one massive mountain range that are inspired by real world locations, events, snow parks, and natural landscapes.

The other players you see in Shredders will be real players playing at the same times as you. You can compete against them or join up for the hell of it. The development team says that they took a lot of inspiration from various snowboarding films and the Amped games from the original Xbox.

Shredders is set to be released this December.

With Shredders, we have tried to build a snowboarding experience that allows you to define your own style. In snowboarding there are so many incredible ways to do a simple 180 and Shredders gives you that level of control. Carving, buttering, and the sensation of floating on fresh powder all feels amazing.

Conceptually we are trying to keep the convention of one thumb stick for the board and one stick for the body, and directly map that onto the snowboarder. This gives you a lot of freedom in your play style, so you can choose to be smooth and lazy, or if you’d prefer to go fast and aggressive, you can change up your style whenever you want.