Giddyup! Yeehaw! More cowboy stereotypes here!
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The American Truck Simulator devs are still hard at work recreating the United States from West to East. The latest state slated to be added to the game is the "great" state of Texas. You will soon be able to drive through miles and miles of cowboy-filled landscapes.

As Texas is the second largest state, there should be plenty of variety to see as you haul your cargo through it. Developer SCS says that the state will include a number of cities along with coastal beaches, mountains, and even some desert.

The Texas update is going to be the biggest update yet for American Truck Simulator. This one will follow the upcoming Wyoming expansion. Given that Wyoming is next in the docket, it should stand to reason that Texas will be quite a ways off. SCS says that they cannot commit to a release date for Texas in 2021.

In addition to this Texas news, SCS also announced that they are implementing a new lighting system into both American Truck Simulator and European Truck Simulator 2. You can check out the blog entry for that in addition to seeing the trailer for it below.