V1 Interactive was founded in 2016.
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Disintegration, the sci-fi action title from V1 Interactive is the studio's first and now only title. The development studio has just announced that they are closing up shop after roughly five years in the industry. Disintegration was available only for a few months when the studio removed its multiplayer modes citing a lack of a "significant audience."

This was back in November of 2020. Studio lead, Marcus Lehto, at the time said that the game "never got a fair shake." After that statement, we did not hear very much about the game nor the studio until today.

V1 Interactive wrote on Twitter that the studio is officially closing.

Disintegration was a blend of FPS and strategy though it really failed on both of those fronts. The game did show a small bit of promise, but it never really gathered the attention of fans or critics. Our own review said that the "gameplay itself is serviceable but it feels like it could have been so much more." We continue on to say that the game was "ultimately a disappointing and unfulfilling experience."