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Being a Call of Duty fan has been one hell of a ride over the years. There are so many good memories of the game with some epic scenes, but are they going too far by making the game into more of a story narrative and adding what seems to be almost an attempt to make the game into a 3 in 1.

In the Infinite Warfare version, the game has certainly changed in a lot of ways. With the way it is driven by a story rather than just pure action seems to have slowed down the game slightly.

However, this may be because the game is looking towards bigger and better things by making it into a more memorable game.The Call of Duty franchise is looking towards a more cartoon or animation based story, which could lead to its very own animated series if the new version of the game draws in even more attention.

Where has Infinity Ward gotten its story lines?

They have gone back to older games and taken story lines to add to the Infinite Warfare version.

Is it still a first-person style game?

The problem is that as Call of Duty has always been known as a first-person gameplay title, now it feels more like you are now a third person in the game and the story is being told to you and directed outside of your own control.

Playing Warfare no longer feels like the original vibe of being the ‘first-person’ as did the previous versions of the game. This is actually a plus as well as a downer for many Call of Duty fans, depending on how you look at it.

Is It Still a Popular eSport?

Call of Duty a.k.a. COD has been incredibly popular, but it has slightly died down in the face of stiff competition. You only have to look at the sports betting market to see that odds on COD are rarely available lately as eSports such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have become the top eSports for player viewing and for online betting odds.

Betting on eSports Popularity

With the pandemic and lockdowns, the eSports community adapted quite quickly. After all it is online, and as such eSports betting was still in full flow while other sports betting markets such as football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and rugby were closed for almost half a year. However, thanks to in-depth betting sites reviews, people found eSports were still giving Call of Duty odds on some of the best UK betting sites that made it to the bookmakers list! Those that enjoy sports betting now also enjoy the variety of betting markets, including betting on the Call of Duty leagues, offered by online bookmakers along with bonus bets and free bets!

+ The New Version is Refreshing

We must admit that the new version of the game is most certainly something refreshing. Infinity Ward has tried to make something different out of the game, which kudos to them for trying to improve Call of Duty and keep people interested.

- It is not the Call of Duty we all know and love

On a negative side to the way the Warfare version has been designed, as mentioned above, the whole idea of Call of Duty being a first-person style adventure has been redirected to the story narrative version which feels more like you are being controlled and walked through the story by another influencing force.

For those that joined the game when it first appeared, this new look and feel will come as a disappointment to be honest.

Although Warfare is still popular, of course, because after all it is Call of Duty, there are still many of us out there that hope this is not the future of Call of Duty. If they switch from first-person to third-person, then I am sure that this will be fine.