Things are not looking good for the Mass Effect developer.
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EA has just announced that Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare, and Mark Darrah, executive producer on the upcoming Dragon Age are leaving BioWare. At present, the current projects in development at BioWare will continue on as planned. These include Anthem Next, the new Dragon Age, the new Mass Effect, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition remasters.

The studio is still also continue with Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO that still seems to be going strong. Anthem Next is still in the works, though a release date for that has not yet been revealed.

Samantha Ryan will oversee the studios. Christian Dailey, who joined BioWare after working for Blizzard, will now be the new lead on the next Dragon Age project. Dailey will serve as the game's executive producer while Matthew Goldman will remain as the creative director on the project.

Casey Hudson's departure from BioWare is actually the second time he has left the studio. He parted ways from BioWare back in 2014 and then later rejoined in 2017. Gary McKay has currently stepped up to serve as BioWare's interim general manager while the company searches for a permanent replacement for Hudson.

Both Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah shared some parting words today.

"It’s not an easy decision to make, and big changes like this always come with a certain degree of sadness. I will miss being able to work every day with our inspiring developers on the biggest and most exciting projects I can imagine. But I also know that this is a good time for a change, for both myself and BioWare.

"One of the things that makes these decisions easier is knowing that BioWare will move forward with a strong and complete set of studio leaders. We have a very talented leader in Gary McKay, our Sr. Director of Development Operations, who will be BioWare’s interim Studio GM. Christian Dailey has been a driving force for BioWare as Studio Director for BioWare Austin and will be taking over the role of Dragon Age’s Executive Producer. Gary and Christian will have the support of an experienced group of project and department leaders who are ready to guide BioWare into the future." - Casey Hudson
"This has been a very difficult decision for me. The team of amazing developers on Dragon Age, make my life fuller and better. They have taught me so much. But the strength of the team is also what makes this possible. I know that Dragon Age won’t just survive without me, it will thrive.(...)

"Dragon Age will be in good hands. Christian Dailey will be moving into the Executive Producer role. Christian Dailey is a strong leader and will provide great insight into the rest of the Dragon Age leadership who remain. This is a team that includes people with decades of experience at BioWare. I am confident that, together, this is the team that can make this Dragon Age the best one yet." - Mark Darrah