Devolver Digital now owns the Serious Sam team.
Devolver and Croteam

Devolver Digital announced today that they have acquired Croteam, the studio behind the Serious Sam franchise. The acquisition seems to make a ton of sense given that the two companies have already been working closely together for over a decade as is.

This announcement comes courtesy of a new blog post from Devolver Digital.

The two have partnered on a number of titles over the years. Of course there are the Serious Sam titles, and man are there quite a few of those out there. There was also The Talos Principle. Speaking of which, Devolver says that fans of Croteam can expect more Serious Sam games, The Talos Principle 2, and original IPs.

Devolver has acquired Croteam...or maybe Croteam has acquired Devolver...who could really know at this point in the relationship. What’s certain is that our future together is ultra exciting with new projects like The Talos Principle 2, more Serious Sam games, and original IP from Croteam and the Croteam Incubator studios. Croteam will of course keep total creative freedom and Devolver Digital gets to keep making dumb recommendations that Croteam just ignores - we prefer it that way.