Ziggurat is working with original devs to update the PC release.

Ziggurat Interactive, recently acquired the publishing rights to a number of classic titles. These include the rights to fan-favorite games like Advent Rising, Raze's Hell, Flip's Twisted World and yes, BloodRayne. These titles join Ziggurat's catalog of over 200 IPs.

Ziggurat Interactive says that they are already working with the original BloodRayne developer, Terminal Reality, in an effort to bring the PC versions up to modern standards. This includes improved compatibility and other enhancements that are not fully specified. The studio is also working on plans to "further explore and expand BloodRayne's already rich universe." I smell sequels!

The third-person horror action series BloodRayne introduced gamers to Rayne, a brutal half-vampire beauty traveling the world to foil Nazi plans, battle supernatural threats, and along the way, uncover more about her own complex past. Featuring a unique protagonist, fast-action combat, vampiric powers, and an extensive globe-spanning storyline, BloodRayne offered a distinctly different and exciting gameplay experience that encouraged being “bad to be good.” Beloved by fans and critics alike, BloodRayne became a true cross-media phenomenon, spanning games, comics, and films across the early 2000s.
We'll obviously have more details on this as they are made available.