Digital event scheduled from August 27 - August 30.
gamescom 2020 Digital Event

The digital presence for gamescom 2020 will be huge. It kind of has to be because the actual, in-person show isn't happening in 2020. Instead, a digital event for gamescom 2020 is slated to run from August 27 - August 30.

gamescom: Opening Night Live will still be taking place. Once again, Geoff Keighley will be the host for the event that typically kicks off gamescom proper. This will obviously be the first event displayed on August 27. In addition to Opening Night Live, there will be gamescom: Awesome Indies that focuses on, you guessed it, some of the more anticipated Indie titles coming down the pipeline.

There will also be the new gamescom: Daily Show. This show will include highlights from the other day's events. It also includes various "shows and promotions of the gaming companies and partners on a daily basis." Developers will conduct interviews and also provide some new information on their games.

Finally, this year's event will conclude with the gamescom: Best of Show. This particular show begins on August 30 and will wrap up the entire event with a look back at this year's event. it will include highlights and presentations of the gamescom awards.

There is even more to the show than these four pillars though.

This year's devcom digital conference 2020 (from August 17 to 30) will have a broad program ready for trade visitors with lots of talks and plenty of matchmaking. In the future, devcom will also offer a varied program of talks, shows or master classes for game developers all year round. Further details can be found on the conference website at

In addition to all this, gamescom 2020 will also take place all over the internet. gamescom will make this happen by working together with many official partners, who will be holding their own events and promotions. These events will then be picked up at gamescom now and gamescom’s show formats.

“This year, all our energies for gamescom 2020 is going into digital. In a short amount of time and working in close tandem with some of the world’s most important gaming companies on the gamescom advisory board, we have been able to develop a powerful and focused concept for gamescom 2020. We are anticipating surprising shows, numerous world premieres, announcements and special promotions that will set the entire games world all abuzz about gamescom at the end of August."

Felix Falk - Managing director of game – the association of the German games industry and sponsor of gamescom