No, not the game Guild Wars, but a game type with a similar name.
Black Desert Mobile

A new PvP game type is now available for fans of Black Desert Mobile. As you probably gathered from the headline, the name of the new mode is called Guild War, which is just one character away from possibly being a legal matter.

Today's content update introduces this new PvP mode along with an update to Ancient Ruins. I'm sure that news is good to hear for some of you.

Unsurprisingly, the Guild War mode is a PvP mode made specifically for guilds. Players will be able to do battle against enemy guild members in an open-world environment. Guild masters and officers can declare war "by entering the enemy guild's name in the guild window." Then, "at least 10 guild members are required to attend within 48 hours along with a payment of million silver from their guild fund." Nobody ever said that war was cheap.

As war kicks off, all guild members are enlisted and PvP is activated between the two guilds. Points are earned by being good at PvP and slaying the opposition. The guild that hits 30,000 points first is declared the victor.

If you want the finer details that are the most recent patch notes, you can find those here. We have a little bit of extra information below about the new content added today for the Ancient Ruins.

Black Desert Mobile is a free to download RPG for both Android and iOS devices. The game does obviously include optional in-app purchases, as most mobile titles tend to have these days.

Ancient Ruins, the collaborative battle mode, is expanding its maximum difficulty settings to level 6 and 7. Adventurers with higher combat points are now able to challenge stronger versions of the Ancient Warrior Kabuamilles to win greater rewards!