Fallout 76 has another major issue.
Fallout 76

Until the latest security issue is fixed in Fallout 76, it may be wise to hold off on playing the game. That is assuming you're even still playing even after every other misstep that has been made over the past several months.

The latest issue to pop up in Fallout 76 land is the fact that players can now completely steal everything in your inventory. So long as someone with the ability to yoink your inventory is within 200m of you (in game, of course), they can steal it all in the blink of an eye.

It doesn't rely on the trade menu. You don't even need to have line of sight on the other player. Even your Pipboy can be taken because it's technically an item. In fact, the only items that can't be stolen are quest items. This hack can even take items that have been modified from the in-game storefront with things that you purchased. It also seems to work in all Fallout 76 game modes, which includes the game's battle royale mode.

Obviously the loss of gear can be quite devastating for some long-term players. Some players have invested dozens, if not hundreds, of hours invested into the game as a huge focus on end game content is grinding for better rolls on gear.

It was revealed on Reddit two days ago. Since then, numerous confirmations have come out about the validity of this hack. In addition, the person who made the hack has just released it publicly for other would-be hackers to use.

This hack was apparently created by the same person (or persons) that discovered how easy it was to spawn in human NPCs, the Prydwen, and other content from Fallout 4 that still resides within Fallout 76. This was literally just one week ago when players could spawn in high-end legendary loot and human NPCs. Keep in mind that human NPCs aren't supposed to be active in the game yet after Bethesda delayed their addition to 2020.

Bethesda has since fixed the exploit that allowed users to spawn in the human NPCs and the Prydwen. They have not yet fixed the current issue that allows others to steal your items. They are aware of the issue but so far there is no ETA on when a fix will go live. Until such a time, you may want to hold off on playing the game if you care at all about losing everything.

YouTube user "JuiceHead" is one such player that confirmed everyone's worst fears. His video, shown below, shows just how easy it is for someone to steal everything in your possession.