This free update enables cross-platform play!
Minecraft Bedrock PS4

Minecraft fans on the PlayStation 4 are getting something very special tomorrow, December 10th. Tomorrow, Minecraft Bedrock Edition will be released. This release, obviously free to everyone already playing Minecraft on the PS4, is the unified version of Minecraft that brings the same experience to all platforms.

This means that starting tomorrow, PS4 owners will be playing the exact same code and content that those on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and mobile devices have been enjoying for quite some time now.

This also means that cross-platform play is now open to PlayStation 4 owners! You read that correctly: PS4 owners will now get to play with their friends on the Xbox One, PC, Switch, or mobile without any hurdles. PS4 owners will now also get access to the Minecraft Marketplace. This maybe isn't so great if you hate microtransactions, but it will allow PS4 owners to purchase and/or download new content like special worlds, skins, mini-games, and mash-up packs.

This update to the Bedrock Edition is free to everyone. It will be a free update to existing owners and all future purchases of the game will be for Minecraft Bedrock Edition by default.

Mojang is calling this update "Buzzy Bees" and will be out at 8AM (PT) on Tuesday morning.