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Xbox Project Scarlett

We may still be about a year away from the release of the next-gen consoles from both PlayStation and Microsoft, but that doesn't mean they don't already exist in some form. To that end, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, coyly announced this evening that he brought his Project Scarlett console home with him this week.

Spencer obviously held back on providing many details on his new hardware. He did state how Scarlett has become his primary console for playing games. He also notes how he is using his Elite Series 2 controller with it, a nod to the hardware and software backwards compatibility of the upcoming system.

So far, we really don't know too much about what Microsoft has been cooking up for the next-gen Xbox. All we know is that it's been codenamed Project Scarlett. We know that it's slated to be released sometime during the Winter holidays in 2020 (ie: about a year from now). We also know that it will target 4K resolutions and 60 frames per second as standard.

Today, we also learned that Microsoft is still working on a second version of their next-gen Xbox release. This second version is codenamed "Lockhart" and will be a console that is a bit less powerful than Scarlett, won't include an optical disc drive, and will cost less. You can look at Project Scarlett as the successor to the Xbox One X, and Lockhart as the successor to the Xbox One S or even the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (aka: the Xbox One SAD Edition).