Save up to 30% on a gaming chair.
Ewin gaming chairs Black Friday

Just a little heads up here that EwinRacing is having a Black Friday Sale today. They let me know that you can save up to 30% off of their lineup. They have big chairs, little chairs, orange chairs, red chairs, black chairs, golden chairs, even a pink chair.

It looks like the sale ends on the 30th (that's tomorrow). You can save 20% off of chairs that are normally $189 or more, or 30% off of chairs that are $249 or more.

If you need a little refresher about these chairs, I did a review for one of their Flash XL chairs back in October of 2018. I will say that I'm still using the chair right now. Aside from a little bit of wear nearer to the front of the seat part, the chair seems to be in pretty much the same condition as when it first got here. I believe the seat material was slightly more worn in that area due to the combination of Summer heat, sweat, and exposed skin from wearing shorts. Anybody who has had a leather or faux leather chair probably knows what that's like during the Summer months.

They didn't ask me to say any of this outside of mentioning the sale that they have going on. I just wanted to share my personal experience with the chair thus far.

Plus it seems as though they even made some changes/improvements since I got my chair? The title mechanism is different along with the reclining handle. They also mention some things about "new and improved" cold-cure foam for the cushions and PU leather. I can't vouch for those changes, but if it's as good as their previous work, then you won't have any problems with the new stuff